Parkland Walk Map

The Parkland Walk is in two sections. Parkland Walk North is approximately 750 metres from Cranley Gardens to Muswell Hill and the Southern section just over 3km.

It is approximately 1.3 - 1.8k between the two sections depending on which route you take. The most scenic route is via Queens Wood and then Highgate Wood. The easier route to follow and the shorter is by joining Archway road and turning right onto Muswell Hill Road. 

There is wheelchair access at both ends of the two sections and also at Blythwood Road on the southern section although the path does get bumpy in some places and muddy when there is prolonged rainfall.


This map is one we hope to revise and have reprinted. Click on the image to download a big version. The numbers on the map correspond to marker posts on the Walk although posts 10 and 12 have been vandalised and are yet to be replaced.

The map below is a Google map with a reduced down description of the content above. The leaf locations on the map refer to the same marker posts on the walk which are marked on the map above. There are a number of  places to stop en route for light meals and refreshments. There are cafes in Highgate and Queens woods, as well as a few cafes and eateries on Archway Road between the Boogaloo pub and The Woodman Pub. There are plenty of Cafes and Restaurants at Muswell Hill, The Grove Cafe en route to Alexandra Palace and a cafe in Finsbury Park by the lake.

CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE MAP showing three different ways to get between the two sections.

The two sections of the Walk are marked in green. There are three suggested routes linking the two, marked in red, blue and orange.  There are more details below on connecting between the two sections of the Walk.

Nearest Tubes and Buses

Southern section (Highgate to Finsbury Park)
This runs from Holmesdale Road (by the Boogaloo pub on Archway Road) to Finsbury Park. Please note if you leave Highgate station by the Muswell Hill Road exit, the sign on Wood Lane to the walk appears to suggest you should go straight across the crossroad towards Highgate Village when you should in fact turn left at The Woodman Pub.

Buses - Highgate: 43, 134 and 263
Tube - Highgate: Northern Line

Buses - Finsbury Park: 210, 236, 253, 254, 259, W3, W7
Tube - Finsbury Park: Victoria and Piccadilly Lines

Northern section (Muswell Hill)
This runs from the top of Cranley Gardens on Muswell Hill Road near the Cranley Gardens Gate of Highgate Wood to Muswell Hill.

Buses - Muswell Hill Village via Muswell Hill: 144, W7

Buses - Muswell Hill Road (Highgate - Cranley Gardens): 43, 134
Tube - Highgate: Northern Line

The Missing Link (Getting between the two sections)

Linking between the two walks is often confusing. There are three options:

1 Walk from Holmesdale Road uphill along Archway Road to the Woodman pub. Turn right and follow Muswell Hill Road to Cranley Gardens. (Easy)

2 As above, but after turning right at The Woodman, cross over into Highgate Woods and either keep Muswell Hill Road in sight on your right, or take a walk around the Woods until you come to Cranley Gate. Exit here and turn left. There is an underpass under Muswell Hill Road that puts you on the start of the Walk. (Straight forward enough)

3 Turn onto Shepherds Hill from Archway Road and after a minute turn left and cut through to Priory Gardens. Turn right and cross over and walk up the road. Look out for a small alley on your left leading into Queen's Wood. Follow the path, crossing over Queen's Wood Road. Head straight. The path drops and then climbs bearing off to the left. With any luck you find yourself at the Queen's Wood cafe where you might treat yourself to a well earned cup of tea and some excellent food. You can then leave the wood, cross over into Highgate Wood, bearing right to follow the outside path until you come to Cranley Gate as above. (Tricky but nice)